Savyasachi (2018) Telugu Movie Full Download


Savyasachi (2018) Telugu Movie Full Download

Watch this one if you’re a Naga Chaitanya or Madhavan fan, but definitely leave your brains at home for this one.

Cast & Crew
Director: Chandoo Mondeti
Actor: Naga Chaitanya Akkineni, R. Madhavan, Nidhhi Agerwal, Bhumika Chawla
Release Date: 02 Nov, 2018

Savyasachi (2018) Telugu Review:
Savyasachi gets into the groove somewhere midway once it gets into heroic tale mode. The parts leading up to it, oh well, we’ll discuss that later. Imagine a scenario wherever somebody finds his world flip the wrong way up, as if associate degree unseen force tried to wipe one thing aloof from the face of earth. Everything appearance bleak and it’s grievous. Slowly, the mind that’s mourning over the flip of events begins to know the presence of a sinister force. He sets intent on unravel the mystery.

Naga Chaitanya as Vikram Hindu deity finds himself during this scenario. It’s the actor’s second outing with director Chandoo Mondeti (after Premam) and also the plan of Savyasachi is attention-grabbing. Vikram Hindu deity is each Vikram and Hindu deity rolled into one. He’s ambidextrous which capability is attributed to the vanishing twin syndrome. life science describes this development as a prospect of a twin disappearing within the womb throughout gestation, because of numerous reasons, and also the craniate tissue being absorbed (in this story) by the opposite twin. Vikram encompasses a few cerebral remains of Hindu deity among him and also the latter’s neurons extend during his paw, giving it extra power.

This protagonist with increased powers has got to tackle a mighty opponent who’s some form of a twisted genius. Had this antagonist (essayed by R Madhavan) used his intellect well, he might are pathbreaking in any field. What we tend to see could be a man who’s very vindictive and unforgiving. while not giving a lot of away, sample this — we tend to learn that he created associate degree pretentious film that was rated zero by a reviewer. He hasn’t forgiven the reviewer, to the extent of getting him on his listing. (I’m simply glad we tend to don’t offer ratings!) associate degree early scene within the film holds clues of what is going to unfold later.

Had the main target remained on the battle between the protagonist and also the antagonist, we would have had a cracker of a movie. however Savyasachi throws it away by attempting to serve a mixture of action, romance, comedy, family bonding and psychological drama and not doing many of those aspects well. The romance between Vikram Hindu deity and Chitra (Nidhi Agerwal) doesn’t have the spark. Even the many hat tips to Nagarjuna’s early hits and songs paying homage to the 80s don’t facilitate. blackball some scenes, the comedy too doesn’t do. a whole faculty playacting galvanized by sacred writing is yawn-inducing despite a clutch of comic actors. and a few of those jokes are in poor style. What’s worse is that this playacting returning simply once you’re warming up to an important tug of war, the Padmavyuham innovate the story.


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