Shailaja Reddy Alludu (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

Shailaja Reddy Alludu

Some preaching, some family drama, some humour and Sailaja Reddy Alludu plays safe for a festive release.

Cast & Crew
Director: Maruthi Dasari
Actor: Naga Chaitanya Akkineni, Anu Emmanuel, Ramya Krishnan, Vennela Kishore
Release Date: 13 Sep, 2018

Shailaja Reddy Alludu (2018) Telugu Review:
Chaitu (Naga Chaitanya) falls for Semitic deity (Anu), despite her galaxy-sized ego. The straight technique doesn’t work, therefore he uses the crooked finger. All that ego of Semitic deity goes for a toss once Chaitu tells her he was dotty along with her domestic help (what’s uglier than men insulting ladies, ladies insulting ladies, once Semitic deity asks why her!) And lo and lay eyes on, she comes running into his arms. Enter Chaitu’s pa (Murali Sharma) UN agency so as to satisfy his star system-sized ego announces Semitic deity and Chaitu’s engagement and wedding at his party, at that purpose her background is discovered and her individuals take her away. Chaitu chases her to Warangal, wherever Shailaja Reddy (Ramya Krishna) along with her universe-sized-ego is out on a mission to try to to justice to each lady within the village – a similar lady UN agency hasn’t spoken to her female offspring for five years as a result of the latter picks fine arts over turning into a doctor (a profession Shailaja Reddy had determined for her as a result of she wished to serve their hometown). By the time we tend to wrap our head around this insincere, inconsistent, typically ridiculous and typically stupid characterisation, Chaitu is out attempting to bring mummy and female offspring along.

There area unit 2 treats concerning the film – Prudhvi Raj’s comedy and Ramya Krishna’s searing eyes. Why the director Maruthi Dasari would waste AN actor like her on a silly script hinging on ‘such ego, abundant wow’ frolic is puzzling. number of average fights, one or two of comic sub-plots between Vennela Kishore and Prudhvi dominion, and one or two of mediocre songs (a rare miss from Gopi Sundar) – the film takes these tropes, adds Naresh as a mannequin and turns into one thing that guarantees fun however delivers nothing. The ego-crushes-love and therefore the mature-guy-makes-everyone-realise-what-they-are-missing-in-their-life is completed to death in our movies. A Nagarjuna or Chiranjeevi of past times might carry such a script with their presence and star-power. Not most of the contemporary actors parading as protagonists. Extravagantly loud dialogue and a mother-daughter conflict that you simply will barely notice logic in, abundant less relate to, don’t do the film any favours.

All in all, Shailaja Reddu Alludu was a yawn-fest, if you’ll manage to snooze the fights and loud dialogues from time to time. Ramya avatar brought some dignity to the script along with her presence however her character had a myopic, dyspneal scope barely capable of popping out of the contradictions that sneak in owing to unhealthy writing. an improved plan than looking this film would be to travel back to 1 of yesteryear’s hits star Ramya avatar and Nagarjuna. The chauvinism, that still exists in deceptive forms in spite of everything these decades, can a minimum of appear less pretentious.


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